Parish Council

Parish Council

The parish council consists of elected members and ex-officio 

members of the parish.  Meetings are held monthly from 

September through June and all parishioners are welcome to 

attend.  The executive committee includes the officers and 

committee chairpersons. The purpose of the Parish Council is to 

serve as an advisory group that assists the Pastor in meeting the 

needs of the parish community.  The Council also strives to involve 

parishioners in all aspects of church life and serves as sounding 

board for committees, organizations and parishioners.



3rd Monday of the month 7:00pm in 

Classrooms 2 & 3 (In the Parish Hall)

All Parishioners are welcome




Vice President




Steve Mitchell      860-698-6584                    
Tom Cerrato         860-623-6033   

Lorraine Andexler  860-745-0422



Parish Council 


2013 - 2014

Martin Andexler, Lorraine Andexler*, Tom Cerrato*, Edward Danek, Art Dickman, Dennis Duclos*,  Janet Fitzsimons*, Kristen Fitzsimons*, Carole Frappier, Richard Fusco*, Anne Glazier*, Maureen Isherwood*, Claire Kadis,  Patricia Keck, Rev. Francis Kerwan, Mary  Knorr*, Chet Lempitsky*,  Robert Linehan, Nancy Marco*, Vicki Mitchell*, Karin Pagel*, Lillian Sheridan*, Nicholas Sinsigalli, Jr.,  Karen Zeni,  Dave Villanueva ^

* = Elected Council Members 




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